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The NCL31010 from IC integrates all the elements needed to drive a connected and managed LED lighting system via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), backed by visible light communication (VLC) and indoor positioning capabilities.

Compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt/at/af PoE standards, the NCL31010 driver IC can supply more than 90 W of power to a lighting system.

The NCL31010 drives LEDs with a high-efficiency buck converter which supports both high-bandwidth analogue and PWM dimming down to zero current. It regulates the output current to an accuracy of ±0.1%. Two auxiliary dc-dc converters are available to power a microcontroller and sensors.

On-chip diagnostics functions measure the input and output current and voltage, LED temperature, and the voltage and current at the dc-dc converters. The power metrology is accurate to ±1%.

The NCL31010 is also capable of performing VLC functions thanks to its 50 kHz modulation bandwidth. The LED driver is compliant with the specifications of the YellowDot™ certification program for indoor positioning.

Fast safety mechanisms protect the critical blocks of the chip. They include over- and under-voltage and over-current protection of the LEDs, over-current protection of the chip, and over-temperature protection of the chip and LEDs.

Other devices in the NCL31000 family are:

  • NCL31000 has no PoE capability, and can accommodate other communication standards

  • NCL31001 without onboard DC-DC converters or PoE capability



  • More than 97% efficient

  • High linearity

  • Input-voltage range: 24 V to 57 V

  • I2C or serial peripheral interface


  • Connected indoor lighting

  • Connected outdoor lighting

  • Multi-channel managed lighting

  • Theater lighting

  • Therapeutic lighting

  • Information displays

  • Backlighting

  • Lighting for hazardous or sensitive environments


Evaluation board

Part number: NCL31010GEVK

The PoE Interface Intelligent LED Driver Evaluation Kit supports IEEE 802.3bt and features high-efficiency active


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