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Product Item:
Product Item:
PCB product:6 layer PCb circut board
copper thick:1OZ
Surface Treatment:ENIG
pcb thickness:0.8MM
solder mask:green
Min Line Width/Space:4/4mil
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RO4000® series

RO4000 hydrocarbon ceramic laminates and prepregs have been the industry leader. Widely used in microwave and mmWave frequency designs, this low-loss material is easier to use in circuit fabrication and provides consistent performance than traditional PTFE materials.

advantage. I+ J$ x) \; k& r$ b

Compatible with FR-4 manufacturing process, stable dielectric constant (Dk), high thermal conductivity (.6-.8 W/m.K), compatible with lead-free soldering process, low Z-axis CTE, ensures high reliability plated through hole, the most Optimized price/performance ratio, Dk range (2.55-6.15), available with UL 94 V-0 flammability rating.

RO4000® LoPro® Laminates feature Rogers proprietary technology that enables the mating of reverse-processed copper foils to standard RO4000 Series materials. The resulting laminate reduces conductor loss, improves insertion loss and signal integrity, while possessing the other desirable attributes of a standard RO4000 laminate system. RO4000 ceramic hydrocarbon laminates enable superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication. Can be processed using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes and eliminates the need for specialized preparation processes, reducing manufacturing costs. ! _0 m9 C3 N6 c! V: ~/ o: e; {9 P


Low insertion loss, RO4003C™, RO4350B™ and RO4835™ Lopro® laminate options, multi-layer board (MLB) features, CAF resistant characteristics.

Advantage & Y/ E+ F5 G' Y& G

Reduced insertion loss enables higher frequency designs (above 40 GHz), reduces passive intermodulation (PIM) at base station antennas, reduces conductor losses, and improves circuit thermal performance. / z" |5 x* j9 m( ]2 l. ?

RO4003C™ Laminate

Rogers RO4003C material is a proprietary glass cloth reinforced, ceramic filled hydrocarbon composite that combines the electrical performance of PTFE/glass cloth with the manufacturability of epoxy/glass. : p8 r1 ~- Z3 p3 l2 i% u

RO4003C laminates are available in two different configurations, with 1080 and 1674 different glass cloths. All configurations have the same electrical performance specifications. RO4003C laminates have undergone strict process control, and the material has a stable and consistent dielectric constant (Dk) and low loss characteristics. Its unique mechanical properties make it the same as standard epoxy resin/glass processing technology, while the cost is much higher. Lower than traditional microwave laminates. Unlike PTFE microwave materials, this material requires no special via processing or handling procedures. 4 l% H! H5 S" c# z) E% R! E: |

RO4003C material is not brominated and does not comply with UL 94 V-0. For applications or designs that require a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating, RO4835™ and RO4350B™ laminates can meet this requirement.


Dk 3.38 +/- 0.05, Df 0.0027@10GHz, Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient 46 ppm/°C;" K: M6 x b1 I%_

Advantage 2 n" @4 x/ L, n

Ideal for multi-layer board (MLB) construction, similar to FR-4 processing, lower cost, designed for performance-sensitive high-volume applications, cost-effective. 7 N/ s! Q& Y$ r: {* N

RO4350B™ Laminate

RO4350B material is a proprietary glass cloth reinforced, ceramic/hydrocarbon composite that combines the electrical performance of PTFE/glass cloth with the manufacturability of epoxy/glass.

The dielectric constant (Dk) of RO4350B laminates is controlled to tight tolerances while being low loss and processed in the same way as standard epoxy/glass. RO4350B laminates do not require special through hole processing or handling procedures like PTFE materials, and the processing cost is much lower than that of traditional microwave laminates. Materials are UL 94 V-0 flammable rated for active devices and high power RF designs. # i3 h8 `! r; \( G+ @+ c% K6 s

Characteristic ( O# x5 Z( k9 G$ x- F

Dk 3.48 +/- 0.05, Df 0.0037@10GHz, Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient 32 ppm/°C;


The processing technology is similar to FR-4, the cost is lower, the cost performance is high, and the dimensional stability is excellent. : n- A% r5 o% T/ w y5 ?8 X

RO4360G2™ Laminate

RO4360G2 laminates are glass fiber reinforced, ceramic filled hydrocarbon thermoset materials with very low loss characteristics and a good balance of performance and processability. : a' `/ n, C+ @) m. B

RO4360G2 laminates are the first high dielectric constant (Dk) thermoset laminates processed similarly to FR-4. The material can adopt lead-free process and has stronger hardness, which can improve the processing performance of multi-layer board structure, and reduce material and manufacturing costs at the same time. RO4360G2 laminates can be used in multilayer designs with RO4400™ Series prepregs and the lower dielectric constant RO4000® laminates.

properties / F% ?4 {; r* K2 @5 h' s

Dk 6.15 +/- 0.15, Df 0.0038 @ 10GHz, high thermal conductivity up to 0.75 W/(m.K), Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient 28 ppm/°C, high Tg, greater than 280°C TMA;

Advantage/ v" N7 H P( M k, y2 u

Automatic assembly, high reliability plated through holes, environmental protection, compatible with lead-free process, efficient supply chain and short lead time, make the material a cost-effective choice.

RO4500™ laminate

RO4500 Series High Frequency Laminates are cost-effective materials specifically designed to meet the needs of the antenna market. + u# z3 T' I) \" g* {/ h* M

RO4500 high frequency laminates are fully compatible with conventional FR-4 processing and high temperature lead-free soldering processes. These laminates do not require the special handling required for traditional PTFE materials during plated through hole preparation. The resin system of the RO4500 material provides the necessary characteristics for ideal antenna performance. This affordable product family can replace traditional antenna technologies, helping designers create the most cost-effective antenna products. ( X9 a+ u( G& X


Dielectric constant (Dk) range: 3.3 ~ 3.5 (+/- 0.08), dissipation factor: 0.0020 ~ 0.0037, large board size available;


LoPro® copper foil provides excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance, better mechanical properties than PTFE materials, and CTE matching with copper, which can reduce the stress on PCB antennas. 2 r" i( A' q8 ] E

RO4700™ Antenna Grade Laminate $ }; a: K4 z" q. u

The RO4700 Series Antenna Grade Laminates are a highly reliable, high performance, low cost alternative to traditional PTFE laminates.

The resin system of the RO4700 material provides the necessary characteristics for ideal antenna performance. RO4700 antenna grade laminates are fully compatible with conventional FR-4 and high temperature lead-free soldering processes. The material allows for plated through-hole preparation without the special handling required for traditional PTFE laminates. RO4700 laminates are a cost-effective alternative to traditional PTFE-based antenna materials, helping designers optimize antenna performance. " L+ w9 L& P q0 D7 K/ P: k


Dielectric Constant: 2.55 / 3.0 (+/- 0.05), Z-Axis Low CTE: < 30 ppm/°C, Low TCDk, Dissipation Factor: .0022 ~ .0029, High Tg, >280°C; 8 n! L ' J# E3 i5 \4 {! h$ _


Low insertion loss, Dk matches standard PTFE antenna products, excellent passive intermodulation (PIM) performance, better performance consistency.

RO4830™ laminate

RO4830 high-frequency laminate is a thermosetting material with high reliability and low cost.

RO4830 thermoset laminates are ideal for price-sensitive mmWave applications such as 76-81 GHz automotive radar sensors. RO4830 laminates can be fabricated using standard FR-4 processes and are typically used for surface mmWave circuit designs in PCB applications for 76-81 GHz automotive radar sensors.

Property & l# O( f2 X: e+ y

Design Dk: 3.24@77GHz, extremely low insertion loss: 2.2dB/inch @77GHz, UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating, optimized filler, resin and glass composite material system, reverse-treated smooth LoPro® copper foil; * g& j8 s4 q0 g4 S1 G+ m3 C9 h

Advantage & v; Z- I1 l: J6 A

Remarkable anti-oxidation effect, excellent laser drilling performance, stable and consistent dielectric constant, further reducing the overall cost of PCB manufacturing, ideal for automotive radar sensor PCB applications.

RO4835™ laminate

Rogers RO4835 laminate offers excellent stability at elevated temperatures and significant oxidation resistance.

RO4835 laminate is a low-loss material that enables low-cost circuit fabrication and is process-compatible with standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes. The laminate is available with Rogers' proprietary LoPro® reverse-processed copper foil, ideal for applications requiring low insertion loss.

Feature " J( B# ~3 ^1 Y" g, E

RoHS Compliant, Meets UL 94 V-0 Flammability Requirements, IPC-4103 Compliant, Dk 3.48 +/- .05, Df 0.0037@10GHz;' b/ N$ K' D) }7 r' k/ o


10 times higher oxidation resistance than conventional thermosets, excellent electrical properties, ideal for high frequency applications, no blistering or delamination, highly reliable plated through holes (PTH).

RO4835IND™ LoPro® Laminate

RO4835IND LoPro material provides low loss and stable RF performance for short-range industrial radar applications from 60 to 81 GHz.

RO4835IND LoPro thermoset laminate is ideal for 60-81 GHz short range (<30m) industrial radar applications where excellent electrical performance and cost efficiency are equally important. RO4835IND LoPro laminates provide RF and interconnect stability, which are also important criteria for PCB material selection. , Q2 d% [. Y, C5 f5 r9 z


Design dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.48 at 60 GHz; Design Dk of 3.49 at 77 GHz, inversion-processed LoPro® electrolytic (ED) copper foil, thermoset resin system featuring expanded glass cloth; $ ~ + y. Z$ w2 F: S) U: U8 A


Excellent dielectric constant uniformity, low insertion loss at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies. "t, d& p3 k7 j" t, C

RO4835T™ Laminate # G% E* P5 `3 b B0 O6 _; l6 s

Rogers RO4835T Laminates are extremely low loss, split glass cloth reinforced, ceramic filled thermosets. (H) F$ P# m6 J

As a complement to RO4835™ laminates, RO4835T can be used as the inner circuit core of multi-layer boards when designing and processing multi-layer boards (MLB) requires thinner laminates. Characterized by high-performance materials, RO4835T laminates offer the best balance of price, performance, and durability, and can be fabricated using standard FR-4 (epoxy/glass) processes.


Dielectric constant (DK) 3.3, excellent oxidation resistance, low loss, low CTE material, UL 94 V-0 flammability rating; / ]3 j! p/ H$ m3 k


Anti-CAF characteristics, compatible with FR-4 processing technology, minimize the change of local dielectric constant, improve the flexibility of MLB design, have high reliability PTH, compatible with automatic assembly

PCB product:4-26 layer board

matelial:FR4 TG170 ,TG150

Material brand:KB,shengyi,taconic,rogers,MEGTRON6,MEGTRON7,Isola

copper thick:1OZ,2OZ.3OZ.4OZ.5OZ

Surface Treatment:ENIG,HASL, OSP,Goldfinger,immersion silver

pcb thickness:1.6MM

low-cost PCB,Cheap PCB, Low price for PCB,94V0 PCB

solder mask:green,red,biue,white,black Silk-Screen:wihte,black,yellowMin Line Width/Space:3/3mil,4/4mil.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact me sales@rpttechpcb.com



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