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two layer HASL board

two layer HASL board

Product Item:
PCB product:2 layer board
matelial:FR4 TG135   KB6160
copper thick:1OZ
Surface Treatment:HASL Lead Free
pcb thickness:1.6MM
solder mask:green
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A single-sided circuit board refers to a circuit board that has one side of the circuit and the other side has no circuit. According to the data processing, there is only one circuit layer. Of course, in addition to the circuit layer, there are solder mask layer, character layer, hole character layer, appearance layer, plus surface treatment, which is a simple single-sided circuit board. , is also easy to distinguish.

What are the differences between double-sided PCB boards and single-sided PCB boards?

The difference between double-sided PCB board and single-sided PCB board:

First of all, single-sided PCB boards are mostly used in relatively low-end machines or electronic products. If the heat is dissipated, the subsequent processing will be faster, the cost is low, and the perforation can only be used as a plug-in; this is what we call a single-sided PCB.

Secondly, double-sided PCB boards can be used to manufacture high-quality, high-efficiency machines and high-precision electronic products, but the cost will be quite high. The double-sided heat dissipation can be used to connect the front and back sides through perforation, and can also be used as a plug-in.

Finally, the so-called single-sided PCB board and double-sided PCB board have different layers of copper. The double-sided PCB board has copper on both sides of the board, which can be connected through via holes. The single-sided PCB board has only one layer of copper, so it can only be used for simple circuits, and the holes made can only be used for plug-in and cannot be connected.

The difference between a double-sided PCB board and a single-sided PCB board is that the single-sided PCB circuit is only on one side of the PCB board, while the double-sided PCB circuit can be on both sides of the PCB board, and the double-sided PCB board is connected with a via hole in the middle. The lines are connected.

The parameters of the double-sided PCB board, the production process of the double-sided PCB board and the single-sided PCB board are different, and there is an additional copper sinking process, which is the process of conducting the double-sided circuit.

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PCB product:4-26 layer board

matelial:FR4 TG170 ,TG150

Material brand:KB,shengyi,taconic,rogers,MEGTRON6,MEGTRON7,Isola

copper thick:1OZ,2OZ.3OZ.4OZ.5OZ

Surface Treatment:ENIG,HASL, OSP,Goldfinger,immersion silver

pcb thickness:1.6MM

low-cost PCB,Cheap PCB, Low price for PCB,94V0 PCB

solder mask:green,red,biue,white,black Silk-Screen:wihte,black,yellowMin Line Width/Space:3/3mil,4/4mil.

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